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Top 10 Hidden Secrets for Selling your Home Faster in South Florida

Top 10 Hidden Secrets for Selling your Home Faster in South Florida

By: Jennete Alexander Sherman
As a homeowner or an investor in South Florida, it takes some preparations and efforts to sell your home faster and at the best price ever. There are steps you can take before thinking listing your home for sale. Setting the appropriate price and making the right first impression are keys to attracting buyers to your home. However, there are other things you need to put into consideration to sell your home faster and with profitable bid offers.

Everyone wants to sell his or her home at the most profitable price. To achieve this aim, you need to take some steps and consider some kept secrets for selling your home faster. Yeah! There are some certain hidden secret for selling home faster and at a good price. This post will be sharing these top kept secrets for selling your home faster, and if you can take them seriously, you tend to sell your home 40% more than your intending selling price. Let’s dive into them one after the other.

10 Kept Tips for Selling your Home

If you are ready to sell your home, these tips will help you get the best out of your bidders. You have to prepare and this preparation is not limited to cleaning your home only. There are other areas you need to look at, to sell your home faster and at the best rate. Below are the top kept secrets for selling your home:

Create a good impression

First impression lasts longer. Give your potential buyers who may come for physical inspection a first impression that will tie them to the property. This involves both the exterior and interior of the building. This step means that you need to add value to your home before inviting any agent in a view to get high bids from prospective buyers. At this initial stage, make your home curb appeal, as every home buyer wants to see their prospective home neat with warm welcome. Starting from the front gate to entryway, landscaping, driveway, and much more, upgrade to welcome your buyer. Illuminate the environment both interior and exterior of the building. You can create a warm welcome inside the home by displaying beautiful flower vase and much more.

Cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning

Pre-sale cleaning has been studied to add huge value to your home and makes your home sell faster at a better price. This goes along with de-cluttering of your home. Remove anything that occupies space in the home to make the property looks spacious and calmer. It is highly recommended to hire an experienced pre-sale cleaning company to help you achieve this goal. After one-off cleaning, ensure you clean the windows, walls, and floors regularly during the period.

Take your home out of the building

In addition to cleaning, the next step is to de-personalize the property for the buyer to feel that you are serious about selling your home. Most potential buyers want to have a feel of taking possession of the property, and this may not be easy if they are still seeing your items hanging around the house. Remove all your belongings that make the house your “home.” Items such as souvenirs, family pictures, wallpapers, décor, and others should be removed to show your buyers that you are ready to give it out.

Upgrade, but keep it simple

Simple upgrade can go a long way in adding value to your home and increase the price bids from buyers. You don’t need to break the bank to carry out major renovations because you never can tell if you would get your money back. Major upgrades should be in the kitchen. Perform turnaround maintenance such as replacement of countertops, hand basin, fixing of leaky faucets and refinishing of the cabinets can make a difference.

Make your home stand out in the area

Applying a fresh coat of paint on the wall gives an excellent impression from afar. However, it is essential that you choose the color wisely. A neutral color is advisable, as it matches with most people accessories and furniture. This trick has been studied to attract more buyers to a home. You can as well do some other works to make the home looks unique to prospective buyers.

Price it right

Price can play a vital role in selling home faster. There are some factors you need to put into consideration before tagging your price. Firstly, consider the current value of the property, and the recent maintenance carried out on it. Secondly, research the current prices of homes in the same category in the neighborhood and compare them. Don’t put too much price tag and don’t under-price your home for better offers. An experienced agent should help you as regards this.

Choose a reputable real estate agent

If you don’t know much about real estate, it is better you hire an agent or broker to sell your home. However, when you are selecting, go for a reputable one that will give you what you want. Choose the one that has in-depth knowledge of the realty market in your environment. Your agent should be available to pay attention your requirements; hence, choose wisely. Do you need one in South Florida, contact us now!

Work with your agent

Your teamwork with your agent can give you a better result. Give him necessary information to sell your home faster and at the best rate. What are the amenities and uniqueness in the neighborhood, give him all the information that may useful to use as selling points to buyers. It is a win-win game!

Spread the word but don’t interrupt your agent’s efforts

You can tell people about the availability of your home for sale but don’t bargain with them. Sometimes, some prospective buyers may come to you directly to make inquiries about the home, direct them to your agent. It is good to sell through your agents because they are experienced and usually have a written agreement with buyers for a hitch-free transaction.

Always be available for showing or inspection

Every prospective buyer wants to see what they want to buy; hence, they usually schedule a show-up time to physically see what you have to offer. This is one of the reasons your house has to be ready for inspection at all times. Ensure everything is perfect for buyers to see on a daily basis – you never can tell when buyers would come for inspection. The more your home is “show-ready”, the better chance you have to get it sold faster.

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Final words

It takes efforts to sell a home faster and at a better price. You never can tell what the buyers are actually looking for in a home, as everyone has his or her taste. While we can’t specifically tell you that the above tips will give you all you want, ignoring them may make you lose much value of your home and this we believe will affect the price of your home. Apart from getting high bidders for your home, the tips will help you sell your home faster. Stay tuned to this page for more informative posts about buying and selling of your home!